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i vigneti

Four hectares are covered with centennial vineyards made up of tintore, aglianico e piedirosso for the production of the Red Tramonti Riserva 4 Spine and tintore prefillossera E 'ISS. Two hectares and half are cultivated with falanghina, biancolella , ginestra and pepella for the production of the White Tramonti Wine and Per Eva. The half a hectare left is actually utilized for a genetic selection of aglianico and piedirosso.

All the vineyards are characterized by high density plant and situated on steep -sloped terraced lands between 300 and 500 metres above sea -level.

The output is calculated around 70 / 90 quintals for hectare. One of the symbols of the farm is a butterfly, which underlines the great attention paid to the preservation and the protection of the environment, in accordance with the Regional Plans for the reduction of the use of phytochemistry.






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