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Campania's old vine, piedirosso or 'per 'e palummo, draws its name from the characteristic red color of pedicelli when the grape is almost couple, which recalls the feet of doves. It's a grape from low alcohol content, used cutting and rose wine.
This grape exclusively on the Amalfi Coast; formed by normal berries together with other much smaller, similar to grains of pepper, a feat which involves precisely the name Pepella. It gives the wine an aroma with notes of apricot, honey and exotic fruits.
Much as requested by cutting grapes, the tintore has an ownership colour. Another important characteristic is it's high acidity that enables wines that if they derive, sustainable over time.
Grapevine that matures in the second half of September and is harvest in early October. It is vigorous and requires a climate warm and dry. It follows a wine perfume delicate, with mild smell of brooms, the taste is fruity, fresh and pleasant,
with good acidity and fruity notes purposes and delicate.
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