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Secular vines


Probably in Tramonti there are the oldest vines of the world . They are the native ones of Tintore, a grape variety that grows exclusively in these lands.

The terroir of Tramonti is unique: a clay soil with pomice stones and volcanic ash, the cold north wind Tramontana which blows over the terraces overlooking the Amalfi Coast, the influence of the sea, combined with the altitude and the limestone mountains gave birth to these unbelievable vines.
The plants are hundreds of years old, some are more than 300 years, and the trunks are two meters in diameter: they are real giants, a living open-air museum.

From pre-phylloxera ungrafted vines are raised the indigenous varieties of Ginestra, Biancatenera, Biancazita, Pepella, Piedirosso and the extraordinary and exclusive Tintore, with its ancient and precious flavours which is worth the trip.

From the pre-phylloxera old vines is produced “E’ Iss “red wine which I described as: “you will be pleased by its nature, persuaded by its thinness, the speed through which cross your palate, its sapid, dry, its full bodied, long-lasting finish, its continuous different nose”.

Luciano Pignataro